Health and Safety

Safety is our first and most important Value. In all our activities we must send everyone home safe, every day.

The Highest Standards

Compliance with relevant legislation is necessary but we aim higher.  Our Health and Safety approach is built on a mutual obligation between the company and those that work with us: This includes to not only our employees but also to our contractors, suppliers and to the communities in which we operate.

We must provide and maintain a safe workplace and ensure that our systems of work prevent workplace accidents and disease; we must protect employees and others from safety and health hazards which could arise out of their work.

We must also ensure that employees and other workers accept their individual responsibility to ensure their own safety and the safety of others in the conduct of their work.

Safe Workplace

We provide comprehensive work inductions and ensure appropriate personal protective equipment is used.

We develop procedures for hazard identification, risk assessment and to implement measures to control the risk. We provide training, supervision, and support to all employees to enable them to perform their duties safely. Where incidents do occur, we investigate, learn, and improve to get better and safer every day.

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