We ensure we are part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Meeting Expectations

We recognise the community’s expectations that we will act to minimise environmental impacts.  We are committed to best practice in environmental stewardship, including meeting all applicable legislative and regulatory requirements.

We accept climate change science and accordingly implement best practice energy, emissions, and water management practices.  We integrate environmental considerations in all our operational planning and corporate strategy.

Keys Areas of Focus Includes

Zero Emissions

Aspirational net zero emissions from our operations by 2034.

Minimal Footprint

Use of underground mining to minimise land disturbance, waste ore generation and environmental impacts

Low Carbon

Investment in low carbon energy solutions to reduce emissions

Water Management

Best practice water management methods supported by investment in water recycling

Waste Management

Process design to minimise waste; responsible tailings management

Active Monitoring

Active environmental survey and monitoring to support performance monitoring and transparency