We find, develop and supply lithium and related battery materials required by the rapidly growing Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage industries.

The Electric Vehicle Opportunity

Our customers are the manufacturers of Electric Vehicle and the batteries which power these vehicles. Electric Vehicles are expected to comprise 50% of new vehicle sales by 2030. This will require a fivefold increase in battery quality lithium supply.

Our aim is to be globally significant supplier of battery materials. We control two major hard rock lithium (spodumene) deposits in Australia and have the ambition to grow our portfolio through exploration acquisitions.

Disciplined Investment

In selecting exploration targets we consider not only the geology but also the availability of the supporting infrastructure that will be required to bring the deposit into operation. We have a strong bias to those mining jurisdictions with sophisticated and mature regulatory systems.

We have deep project development expertise, supported by a rigorous toll gating process that ensures the development plan is fully optimised prior to major investment.

Efficient Safe Operations

We aim for the highest operational standards, delivering both safety and efficiency. We start from a strong base of world-class design and state of the art technology. And then we go to work on improvement.

We believe every process can be made safer and more efficient and we support our workforce and suppliers in the continuous pursuit of these. We are ambitious, and we believe in the almost infinite capacity of our team to find improvements.

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